General Features:

AgiClean immersion washing systems range provides cleaning by performing both spray washing and immersion ultrasonic washing. Hot air drying is also offered as standard in the AgiClean washing systems where all processes are carried out in a single location.

Washing system: Immersion flood washing
Working principle: The parts to be washed are placed into a basket and are then lowered into the main ultrasonic washing tank below whilst the pneumatic agitating platform oscillates up and down to ensure the entire surface of the parts is cleaned
Tank system: single or two tank systems with independent heating
Feeding: Easy front loading and unloading from the same location
Construction: Entirely from 304 stainless steel
Control panel: Siemens touchscreen HMI panel as standard
ModelLoading Weight
Basket Dimensions
External Dimensions
AgiClean 200-WD 50530*320*2001600*1400*2400
AgiClean 200-WRD 50530*320*2002200*3200*2400
AgiClean 400-WD 100670*480*3001800*1650*2700
AgiClean 400-WRD 100670*480*3002350*3700*2700

***For more technical details please contact us.
» Compact space saving design
» Environmentally friendly
» Energy efficient
» Both oscillation and rotation can be provided
» Suitable for light to medium weight items
» Easy manual loading/unloading
» Can be integrated into the mass production line
» Designed for delicate cleaning for reaching hard-to-reach areas
Washing steps:
» All processes take place in a single washing chamber
» Ultrasonic washing & drying or ultrasonic washing, ultrasonic rinsing & drying
» All process recipes can be programmed separately

Optional Extras
» 360-degree basket rotation
» Pre-washing or passivation stages
» Pump filtration
» Dripping tray
» Oil separation
» Additional system features

***All our AgiClean washing systems can be customised in line with the needs of our customers. Contact us for your special requirements.

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