General Features:

TunClean-KLT conveyor line pressure washing systems have been specially developed for sequential cleaning of KLT boxes/crates, KLT covers, pallets known collectively as dunnage in one single machine. In TunClean-KLT washing systems with conveyor lines all processes are carried out sequentially in a single tunnel canopy where machine guides can be adjusted according to the KLT being processed as standard.

Washing system: conveyor line spray cleaning system
Working principle: serial cleaning on the conveyor belt for different sized dunnage
Boiler system: Single or multiple tanks with separate heating
Feeding: Manual or automatic loading
Reconstruction: Entirely from 304 stainless steel
Control panel: Siemens touch panel as standard
ModelLoading Width
Loading Height
External dimensions
(L - W - H) mm
KLT 632/300 WD60020-3208800*2050*2450
KLT 632/600 WD6002x20-3208800*2700*2450
KLT-632/1000 WD6002x20-32012750*2700*2450
KLT-632/1500 WD6002x20-32017300*2700*2450
KLT-1450/300 WD100020-45010600*2200*3000
KLT-1450/600 WD10002x20-45010600*3000*3000
KLT-1450/1000 WD10002x20-45014700*3000*3000
KLT-1450/1500 WD10002x20-45019600*3000*3000
KLT 632/300 WRD60020-32011000*2050*2450
KLT 632/600 WRD6002x20-32011000*2700*2450
KLT-632/1000 WRD6002x20-32015300*2700*2450
KLT-632/1500 WRD6002x20-32020200*2700*2450
KLT-1450/300 WRD100020-45013200*2200*3000
KLT-1450/600 WRD10002x20-45013200*3000*3000
KLT-1450/1000 WRD10002x20-45017750*3000*3000
KLT-1450/1500 WRD10002x20-45023000*3000*3000
KLT 632/300 WRRD60020-32013200*2050*2450
KLT 632/600 WRRD6002x20-32013200*2700*2450
KLT-632/1000 WRRD6002x20-32017850*2700*2450
KLT-632/1500 WRRD6002x20-32023100*2700*2450
KLT-1450/300 WRRD100020-45015800*2200*3000
KLT-1450/600 WRRD10002x20-45015800*2200*3000
KLT-1450/1000 WRRD10002x20-45020800*3000*3000
KLT-1450/1500 WRRD10002x20-45026400*3000*3000

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» Labour cost savings
» Environmentally friendly
» Energy efficient
» Automatic loading and unloading system can be integrated with indexing conveyor (optional)
» Can be integrated into the serial production line (optional)
» Suitable for medium weight items.

Washing steps:
» wash -rinse, wash-rinse-dry, -wash-rinse-rinse-dry
» All process recipes can be programmed separately.

Addable Features
» Water stripping air knives
» Pump filtration
» Drip pan
» Heavy material adjustment
» Oil separation
» Automatic loading and unloading system
» Different conveyor belt options
» Robotic system integration
» Additional prewash
» Additional rinse
» Extended drying stage
» Other system features

***All our TunClean-KLT Washing Systems can be custom designed in line with the needs of our customers. Contact us for your special needs...

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