General Features:

RotoClean systems perform pressure cleaning by indexing the parts coming out of the production or maintenance line in specially designed part holding fixtures. Washing, rinsing, and drying stages are offered as standard in RotoClean washing systems, where all processes are carried out in a single washing system.

Washing system: pressure washing and hot air-drying stages where all processes take place in a single washing system
Working principle: special part holding fixtures specially designed for the customer’s parts are placed on the indexing table and pressure washing and hot air drying is performed
Tank system: Double tank systems with independent heating
Feeding: Manual loading and unloading by machine operator, loading, and unloading with robot arm also supported (optional)
Reconstruction: Entirely from 304 stainless steel
Control panel: Siemens touchscreen HMI panel as standard
ModelPart Size
Loading Weight
External Dimensions
L - W - H mm
RotoClean 90 WRD150*150*200151800*1600*2000
RotoClean120 WRD210*210*250152300*2100*2050
RotoClean 150 WRD280*280*300302100*3000*2600
RotoClean 180 WRD350*350*400302400*3300*2800

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» Space-saving design
» Environmentally friendly
» Energy efficiency
» Suitable for light to medium weight small and medium sized items
» Manual installation with operator support
» Automatic loading and unloading system with robot arm be integrated (optional)
» Robot arm communication resources can be provided by Everest to third part robot arm integration (optional)
» Short processing times between 30 to 120 seconds
» Designed for delicate cleaning of mass-produced parts
Washing steps:
» All cleaning processes take place in a single washing system
» Washing, rinsing, hot air drying as standard with cooling stage available (optional)
» All process recipes can be programmed separately

Addable Features
» Robotic system integration
» Pump filtration
» Drip pan
» Heavy material adjustment
» Oil separation
» Automatic loading and unloading robot arm can be provide by Everest
» Other system features

***All our RotoClean Washing Systems can be custom designed in line with the needs of our customers. Contact us for your special needs...

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