General Features:

TunClean tunnel conveyor spray washing systems work on the principle of continuous flow. They provide cleaning of heavy impurities such as oil, grease, production waste accumulated on the surfaces of the parts coming out of production or maintenance line. A stainless-steel wire mesh conveyor is offered as standard in TunClean washing systems with special conveyor types available at request.

Washing system: Tunnel conveyor pressurised spray cleaning system
Working principle: Mass production cleaning using the conveyor belt
Tank system: Single or multiple tanks depending on provided stages with separate heating
Feeding: Manual or automatic depending on continuous or indexing conveyor
Reconstruction: Entirely from 304 stainless steel
Control panel: Siemens touchscreen HMI panel as standard

ModelLoading Width
Loading Height
External dimensions
(L - W - H) mm
TunClean 320 W 3002002300*1250*2050
TunClean 425 W 4002502550*1400*2100
TunClean 530 W 5003002800*1500*2200
TunClean 640 W 6004003050*1600*2350
TunClean 850 W 8005003300*1850*2600
TunClean 320 WR 3002003800*1250*2050
TunClean 425 WR 4002504300*1400*2100
TunClean 530 WR 5003004650*1500*2200
TunClean 640 WR 6004005100*1600*2350
TunClean 850 WR 8005005600*1850*2600
TunClean 320 WRD 3002005500*1250*2050
TunClean 425 WRD 4002506100*1400*2100
TunClean 530 WRD 5003006550*1500*2200
TunClean 640 WRD 6004007000*1600*2350
TunClean 850 WRD 8005007800*1850*2600
TunClean 320 PWRD 3002007000*1250*2050
TunClean 425 PWRD 4002507850*1400*2100
TunClean 530 PWRD 5003008400*1500*2200
TunClean 640 PWRD 6004009050*1600*2350
TunClean 850 PWRD 80050010100*1850*2600

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» Cost effective labour savings
» Environmentally friendly
» Energy efficient
» Automatic loading and unloading system can be integrated with indexing conveyor (optional)
» Can be integrated into the serial production line (optional)
» Suitable for medium weight items

Washing steps:
» Washing, washing-rinsing, washing-rinsing-drying, pre-washing-washing-rinsing-drying, extra rinsing (optional)
» All process recipes can be programmed separately.

Addable Features
» Water stripping air knives
» Pump filtration
» Drip pan
» Heavy material weight capacity upgrade
» Oil separation/skimming
» Different conveyor belt options
» Robotic system integration
» Additional prewash stage
» Additional rinse stages
» Other system features

***All our TunClean Washing Systems can be custom designed in line with the needs of our customers. Contact us for your special needs...

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