Automatic Handling Systems

Basket Transfer Systems

Automatic Handling Systems Basket Transfer Systems

Automation of the cleaning process reduces the running costs on multistage systems by assuring consistent, repeatable quality, reducing reject rates, labour costs and increasing throughput. With automatic handling systems further cost reductions can result from controlling speed of basket entry and withdrawal from the tanks.

  • Adjustable dripping time between tanks.
  • Reduced running costs.
  • Easy to use and program.
  • Password protected to prevent unauthorised program access.
  • Touch sensitive LCD operation panel for functional programming and display.
  • Positional accuracy between +/- 1mm provided by servo motors with built-in positional encoders.
  • Loading/Unloading positions with basket detection sensors for fully automatic control.
  • PLC control panel to control the robot as well as all other process (heaters, ultrasonic cleaning time, drying time, filtration and so on.)