Conveyor Belt Washing Machines

TunClean Conveyor Belt Washing Machines

TunClean washing systems are best suited for cleaning parts with a simple basic shape (flat surfaces, without blind holes) where accurate positioning in the active areas is not so necessary. TunClean machines can include pre-washing with spraying water plus a chemical detergent, washing with spraying water plus a chemical detergent, rinsing with spraying water and drying with hot air. The design, configuration and number of washing stages in the tunnel can be customized to suit to customer’s exact specifications and requirements. In the case of a tunnel with a conveyor belt, the components are loaded on to a conveyor (mesh or bars type) which conveys the pieces through the different steps of the cleaning process. The pieces are generally conveyed on a line conveyor system and the speed of conveyor can be adjusted by the machine operator.

Operating Details

In TunClean systems the pieces are automatically transferred from stages to stage by a conveyor which passes through a tunnel until the cleaning process is completed. Generally pieces are first transferred to the washing section, once washing is completed the pieces are transferred to the rinsing section to remove the remaining chemical detergent residues that was used in the washing section. Transfer to the drying unit will usually follow to dry the remaining water from the pieces with hot air. Any combination of processes can be included to suit your needs. A number of optional accessories can also be included which include filtration and oil separators and many more.